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~Live Chat Rooms~

(Updated 12/22/15 / Revised 6/1/16)


I wanted to let you know about some live chat rooms that you can visit at anytime.

Wireclub has all kinds of chat rooms, to include the Mental Health Support Group room, which I created back in 2013.

Please note that Drummerquin owns and runs that room since December of 2013. He discovered the room, when I created and owned it, around July of 2013. I opened that room in May of 2013.

If you scroll down several blog postings, you will see one of my blog postings dedicated to Drummerquin.

I then created Deb's Mental Health Support Room in February of 2014. It is open alot but not as much as Drummerquin's room is. That is why I mention Drummerquin's room, as it is always open.

I also created the Military Mental Health Support Room in December of 2015. That room is geared towards military vets and those that are serving. I wanted to create a space where they could support each other online.

Being that there are people from around the world on the Internet, time zones mean a lot when keeping a chat room open. Therefore, all 3 chat rooms listed above, are open most of the time. is totally a health/mental health website.

Neither site costs anything to enter or join. Just sign up and register on With, you just need to click on the left hand side tab called CHAT ROOMS. Enter with a created name they give you or you can create your own.

No need to be alone when you have technology at your fingertips. I will continue to list live chat room sites, here for you, as I discover them.

Love Deb


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