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~I'm Am So Sorry!~

(Posted 2012 / Update 11/3/15)


There are many people, personally and professionally, that I need to apologize to for my behavior and my choices. I know now that many things that happened are the result of the Bipolar Disorder and I look back at my life and see ALOT of damage.

One of the symptoms of mental illness is ruined relationships and destruction to people, places and things along the path of life. There are several people in my life that are no longer around. I believe that they suffered fatigue being associated with me during my life's rollercoaster through the years. I certainly can't blame them for not being around and I am so VERY sorry that they suffered so much because of me.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that is reading this post. Untreated mental illness can be dangerous, hurtful and destructive. Hopefully my story will empower you to do the right thing.

Added: I would like to say a very special thank you to my family, as well as extend my sincerest apologies to them. They have suffered greatly during these past 18 years, let alone before that, with all of my swings of decisions.

But they still love me, and constantly welcome me back into the family unit.

What more can I say?

Thank you my dear family and I love you all very much!

Love Deb

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