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~Karim Sebbar~

~Mental & Emotional Coach~

Located in Chartres & Paris, France

Fluent in English and French


Phone Number: 00 33 6 01 42 82 48


Karim Sebbar is a mental and emotional coach with years of experience. Karim has helped many people feel that they matter. He assists them in their own journey of achieving a state of readiness in various departments of their life.

Karim comes from a place of service and feels a great amount of joy when he helps people. His services gravitate around igniting people's passion for life and their life's purpose. The session provides creative alternatives towards their attitude toward life.


A personal development plan is created to ensure taking control of their focus, strategies and building psychological strength, to create momentum and produce the results they desire.

Eliminating bad habits, fulfilling relationships, getting out of an emotional rut, undoing any blockages, plus so much more.

The talk sessions and the workshops are a real place of passion and love, far from any toxic judgment. A place in which they can heal mentally and emotionally, lifting one obstacle after another, and allowing the person to soar.

He lets them know that they are not alone and are totally supported.

Eventually after the session, they come out with a plan of action. It's a step by step process to identify what action is needed, what is holding them back and how to actually break free from any obstacle. This, therefore, will improve the quality of their life. The plan is customized to the person's needs, their strengths and their direction of progress.

The client returns with a clear, defined mission statement as to how they want to proceed.

Presently, Karim works one-on-one with each client in person or via Skype.


Deb's Personal Recommendation:

I am a client of Karim Sebbar and cannot say enough about him and how I have changed for the better.

He is not only an amazing person, but he has become a dear friend.

You know that I have worked hard and long to feel better.

Yes, I have a brain disorder called Bipolar Disorder. Yes, I have a psychiatrist and a therapist.

But I also have the desire to become the true person I was meant to be.

I have no idea where I am going or what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I am 53, in Menopause, have faced a brain disorder diagnosis and have been medicated properly...finally.

I have worked VERY hard and tirelessly to be well. Now I can go out into the world and find my new path in life.

Karim will help me to move forward with a coherent plan of action. I cannot recommend him enough.

His consultation is free and his first session is free.

Why not contact him, via the email above, and start your new life today.

Much love...Deborah

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