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~Thank You!~

(Posted 2012 / Updated 11/1/15)


There are so many people and organizations that helped me along the way and I want to single them out in this "Thank You" section. I want them to know just how important their help was to me during my journey from the depths of darkness back into the LIGHT.

~Thank You!~

(In General)

My Family


Olga & Tory

Michelle M.

L&M Hospital (Pond House)

St. Luke's LifeWorks Housing (Inspirica)

Laurel House Housing


~Thank You!~

(During My Manic Episode/Disappearance)

(4/25/05 - 12/31/05)

Greenwich Hospital ER & Dr. Y

F. S. Dubois

Norwalk Emergency Shelter (Now Called The Open Door)

Westport Interfaith Shelter

St. Luke's LifeWorks Women's Shelter (Now Called Inspirica)

B.W. - Mental Health Association of CT

Church of Christ

Secretary - Christ Church





New Covenant House Soup Kitchen

Stamford Health Center (Optimus)

Greenwich, Stamford and Westport Libraries

Person To Person

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